First post

Welcome to my first blog post. My name is William Nørve. I live in a small town in Norway named Ålesund. Unfortunately, I live with my parents. I am only 16 years old but I’m tired of my parents. In my free time, I usually hang out with my friends. We would probably agree that me and my friends are not normal. We do a lot of stupid things and end up the weirdest places. Most of my friends have Motorcycles, sometimes we just ride around town and visit places we do not usually go to.

Why did I choose International English?

My father works at the same school. He teaches sociology. As I mentioned earlier I’m tired of my parents so, therefore, I changed the subject from sociology to international English. I have some expectations for the subject. I would like to get better at writing and speaking English. Also, I find news media and social studies quite interesting. Since some teachers are quite one-sided in politics. I certainly hope that the teacher can stay neutral.

The UN sustanible develoment goals

Last year in social studies we learned a lot about the united nation’ development goals. I don’t want to learn more about one specific goal. If I had to choose one I would choose the number one goal to end poverty in all forms everywhere. I find it interesting on how we are going to be able to achieve this goal and how natural disasters, COVID-19, and how countries will cooperate with each other.

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